Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Zegordia that lived with peace. But one day, monster race came to destroy Zegordia Kingdom. And in order to do that, the monsters need to destroy the five “Tree of Life” that creating shield for the kingdom. As for you, the gatekeeper of the Tree of Life, you need to guard them at all cost. If the Tree of Life destroyed then the shield will also be destroyed as well, and the Zegordia Kingdom will be vulnerable to monsters attack! With such responsibility, do you have what it takes as a gatekeeper ?

Need some help ? Don’t be afraid, our lovely cute pets ready to assist to defend the Tree of Life!

This game is an idle tower defense game, you will need a perfect strategy in order to win this game. By surviving to 60th wave, you are succesfuly defending one of the five Tree of Life (YES, Five!). Don’t forget that they have cruel leaders, so good luck with that!

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