Incubo is a horror platform game with a story about a boy that trapped inside his own nightmare (incubo) and force him to solve all the mystery inside his past. He will face all his trauma while he solve the puzzle. The clock is ticking and he did not have much time left to waste. He must escape from his nightmare while puzzles and riddles block his way, and the “time limit” is slowly after him. Can he solve all the puzzle within his own nightmare ?

Simple game, complicated story
Incubo is a side-scrolling horror game with lots of puzzles which keeps you challenged. You need to solve them all while evil chasing you from behind. Incubo inspired by most people’s nightmare that filled with wild imagination. Feel the nightmare beyond your expectation !

Solve The Puzzle
You will challenged by puzzles on your way, so you must use all your wits to solve it and gain all the pieces of his memories to solve the puzzle lies behind his nightmare. The puzzles are varieties, and will keep you occupied.

Creepy, yet beautiful sceneries
While on your way, you will be greeted by lots of creepy stages. Some are beautiful, but don’t let the looks deceive you. Something dark and evil are lurking behind your shadow and ready to eat your soul if you’re careless.

Mesmerizing Mysteries
One can easily beat the game, but can you solve all the mysteries that lies within the nightmare ? Can you gather all the fragments to solve the dark story behind it ?

Complex Theories
Even after you beat the game, there’s a ton of wild theories that you can develop. Everyone have their own perspective. So, what’s yours ?

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